this is me

My name is Moritz Purer, I am 21 years old and I come from Mondsee in Austria.

"Sports and the joy for moving were always important parts of my life"

It all started when I was 13 years old, on a Camping holiday when friends of my parents were setting up a Slackline. I was trying it again and again but at the beginning I couldn‘t do more than a few steps. When i came back from the vacation I saw a Youtube Video where people were doing tricks on a Slackline and even tryed flips. I was fascinated and decided to buy my own Slackline. I got addicted immediatly and started to practice almost every day in my backyard after school. 

„I realized that I can achieve a lot with my ambition, however it was even more important for me to not lose the fun.“

So it happened that two years later (2014) I participated at my first competition at the Donauinselfest in Vienna and made it to the second place. In the same year I also got invited to Red Bull Airlines. I was the youngest competitor and really nervous and overwhelmed with the whole situation at the beginning. But in the end I made it into the finals and got ranked 5th. I was more motivated than ever before.

„In 2015 I could land a new Trick that has never been landed before.“

The backside 720 freefall, 720 degree spin from butt to chest. Furthermore I could also land the first double backflip in the german- spraking area. If I am not travelling I usually train in the forest close to my home, where I can also store some crashpads.

„In the last years the trend of Slacklining at a professional level developed more towards Shows and less to competitions.“

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For the first time Slacklines were added into the Cirque du Soleil Show „Michael Jackson ONE“, in the first permanent Show in Dubai „La Perle“ and on the worlds biggest cruise ship from „Royal Caribbean“. And so it happened that after finishing Highschool I got offered a contract from Royal Caribbean. On the second largest cruise ship of the world „Harmony of the seas“ I was performing together in an Aqua theatre with olympic divers, synchronized swimmers, highdivers and dancers. We had one month of rehearsals in Miami where we learned two 45 minutes Shows.

The Fine Line

Cast 5 and Cast 6/ more than 200 shows in total/ 2 weeks rehearsals in Miami and 2 weeks on board.

Big Daddy's Hideaway Heist

Cast 5 and 6/ more than 50 shows in total/ 2 weeks rehearsals in Miami and 2 weeks on board.