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Gibbon Slacklines is not only world's number one Slackline company and plays a significant role in the develpment of the sport, it is also a faithful partner of me since many years.

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what I use


Gibbon Slackline

Gibbon Classic Line

The Classic Line from Gibbon is perfect for everyone that is just starting with Slacklining. Also I made my first steps on the Gibbon Classic Line.  

Gibbon Jibline

For those who got bored of simply walking on the Slackline and want to start with Tricks and Jumps, the Jibline is your Slackline to go. It has a trampoline style webbing and is very dynamic, that makes it perfect for Tricklining. 

Gibbon Slackrack

The Slackrack is a transportable rack where the Line can be set up either 2 meters or 3 meters long. The advantage of the Slackrack is that no trees or anchor points are needed and it can be used indoor and outdoor.