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If it's a corporate event, fairs, gala dinner or an anniversary - we are going to enhance your event with a unique Showact that will remain in people's memories. With our experience we are fast and flexible to cater for your specific needs.



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Trickline Shows

The Trickline is a Slackline which is in head hight and very tight. Thereby it is possible to do all kinds of tricks like spins and flips on just 2 inches of webbing.

The Trickline Show is action packed and astonishes the spectators with it's aesthetic and versatility. Many years of training, more than 100 succesfully performed shows and my competition experience allow me to deliver a performance at the highest level. I am two times Austrian Trickline Champion and ranked multiple times in the Top 8 at Slackline Worldcups and international Contests. Contests einreihen.

Sie haben nach der Show selbst Lust auf Slacklinen bekommen? Gerne lässt sich die Show auch mit einem anschließenden Workshop für die Gäste kombinieren.

The Slackline is not limited to just one performer. Also tandem performances with two Slackliners on one line or synchronized Slacklining on two lines are possible and will be a special highlight. 

To set up a Trickline it requires to solid anchorpoints and a length between 12 and 25 meters (40 and 80 feet). No matter if on a stage, over water, indoor or outdoor, almost anywhere it is possible to rig a Trickline and we also have solutions when you don't have suitable anchorpoints. If you have any questions regarding the set up please contact us and we will figure out a solution for your event.


Highline Shows

A Highline is a Slackline that is set up higher. It is just one inch wide and typically occurs above the viewers heads. It can be put between two buildings, mountains etc. For every Highline Performance a harness will be used.

We can provide multiple-hour highline entertainment as well as shorter, more choreographed highline shows. Depending on the length of the Highline, besides crossing the Highline it is also possible to do tricks on them. 

A highline show requires two solid anchors between with a minimum of 6 meters (20 feet) in height. The Line can be set up in various distances, the minimum distance however should be at least 15 meters (50 feet). Get in contact with us about an opportunity at your venue for a Highline Show.

client say


Client Photo
head of sports projects of the city Innsbruck

"First of all I want to thank you again for your beautiful opening show. It was a highlight."

Client Photo
Guest, Harmony of the seas

“I also love the Slackline guys - what incredible balance!! The aqua shows are absolutely worth seeing on the Harmony. ”

Client Photo
senior project manager, event agency Linz

"Thanks again for your commitment! The guests were amazed by your Show!"

Client Photo
Guest, Harmony of the seas

"Hello, I wanted to reach out to you and say that you are incredible at what you do! I went on a cruise last year with Royal and saw your performance each time your group was on!"

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